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family day out

Archers of the Black Prince

he year is 1346 and we set sail from southampton with our King (Edward 111) for France to reclaim his land. We proudly wear the colours of the Black Prince and we are a company of his finest Archers.

Come Visit our camp to see how we lived. Hear our   stories of hardships on the road to war. See how we prepare and cook all our own food over an open fire. Allow us to show thou our displays of various weapons and tools that we archers may use or carry and haply a few that we hast found on the battlefields, these mine friend, will fetch us fair profit from a blacksmith. We bowmen are a feared fighting force and can cause utter devastation on a battlefield. Allow us to show thou our many types of arrows and sizes of bows and we will shall demonstrate to thou the accuracy of this deadly weapon. Do thou desire to try thy hand, adults and children are welcome to our archery range.



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